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Meet Moment’s iPhone 12 MagSafe cases and photography mounts

Moment has been around for a long time, making camera-focused smartphone accessories for photography buffs with all sorts of phones. Today, it’s branching out, with a slew of accessories that take advantage of the new MagSafe system on the iPhone 12 series.

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The series of accessories appeals to both photography enthusiasts and average users alike. At the core of it all is MagSafe support — it has a set of new cases that support MagSafe for use with any other accessories, and a new system of mounts and attachments that rely solely on MagSafe.

The cases, in both “thin” and “protective” varieties, come in bold colors and are compatible with the Moment series of camera lens attachments. They work with MagSafe for attachments and charging, and even the thicker protective case is compatible with standard Qi charging.

Now here’s where the fun comes in: Attachments. There’s a dead-simple car vent mount for $30, with a small clip that can attach to just about any car vent and give you seamless mounting options. There’s also a wall mount for $20, which is just a flat circular plate with a strong 3M adhesive on one side and MagSafe on the other. Stick it anywhere you need hands-off access to your phone.

On the photography and videography front, there are a few compelling options. There’s a tripod mount that connects to any standard 1/4”-20 screw for a tripod or hand grip, and uses MagSafe to securely hold your iPhone 12 while swiveling to landscape or portrait. The “pro” model includes an additional cold shoe mount for a light or microphone.

If you don’t need the tripod, you can get just the cold shoe mount for handheld shooting with a light or microphone attached to the phone.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

And if none of those is appealing for a specific need, there’s the $30 Multi Threaded Mount. This attaches to the phone with MagSafe and gives you five different sizes of commonly used threads so you can mount your iPhone 12 to any sort of equipment you may need it for, like an articulating arm or a cage setup you have on another camera.

These are the types of accessories we’ve been waiting for in order to start evaluating MagSafe, because without a robust ecosystem of third-party attachments, these magnets offer little value. Apple itself has only released a few accessories with MagSafe, and nothing anywhere near as innovative as what we’re seeing from third parties now. Moment’s accessories are on sale now at its online store.

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