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Cash, credit, or ApplePay? The Overture iPhone 6/6s wallet case carries them all

Getting your wallet and your iPhone 6/6s to fit in your jeans’ pocket isn’t always an easy task, but it can be if you have Moshi’s Overture wallet case on your phone.

The Overture is a stylish folio-style case for the iPhone that also has several pockets for carrying cards and cash, effectively eliminating the need to carry around a separate wallet. It provides all-around protection for your phone, including the screen, against dirt, bumps, and drops. The outer material for the case is made from weather and water resistant vinyl that is lightly textured for a luxurious matte feel. The front cover of the case is lightly padded and features a soft microsuede stripe on the outer edge with a metal tag bearing the Moshi logo.

You’ll find the same microsuede used along the interior of the folio, and the reverse side of the front cover serves as the wallet portion of the case. The wallet consists of three vertical credit card slots made from genuine leather and a case-length cash pocket behind them. Your phone attaches on the opposite side of the case, snapping into in a semi-rigid rubber shell that covers the back and sides of the phone. Installation is straightforward and the phone fits into the shell easily for a tight and secure hold. The shell also has cutouts for the camera and ports as well as rubberized buttons over the volume and sleep button, so you can access all the features of your phone while it is in the case. The crease along the back cover acts as a folding stand allowing you to prop the phone up in landscape mode.

On the bottom portion of the inside cover, you’ll find a square microfiber cleaning pad that Moshi calls Neato. Neato is sticky on the back and can be removed and replaced directly on the leather again and again without leaving behind any residue. The pad actually cleans fairly well and does a decent job removing dirt and oil from the screen. The Neato is also washable in plain water which also restores the stickiness of the adhesive on the back.

For $45 on Moshi’s website, the Overture manages to pack a lot of useful features into a relatively slim wallet case. That said, doubling up cards in the slots tends to make them harder to remove later and can make the case feel over-stuffed, so stick with your top three cards and some emergency cash. With mobile payments becoming increasingly popular, it almost seems natural that your phone would eventually become part of your wallet and vice versa.

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