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Nomad’s new iPhone accessory is unlike anything you’ve seen before

Personal taking iPhone 15 Pro out of pocket with Rustic Brown Nomad Magnetic Leather Back attached.

Well-known leather case maker Nomad has a pair of sleek and elegant iPhone cases ready to adorn your iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max in time for Valentine’s Day.

Known for its quality leather cases, Nomad has long been a favorite of those who want to dress up their iPhone with a bit of style, and its two latest accessories mark the return of a fan favorite — plus something entirely different and unquestionably cool. They’re definitely the most stylish among the roster of the best iPhone 15 Pro cases. 

The Magnetic Leather Back is something else

Personal holding iPhone 15 Pro with black Nomad Magnetic Leather Back attached.

The headliner is a leather back for your iPhone 15 Pro that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. While adhesive skins in leather and other materials have been around for years, they lean heavily toward the awkward side. They’re as tricky to install as a screen protector, typically offer little to no protection for the cameras, and they’re semi-permanent — once you put one on, you can’t take it off and expect to use it again.

As the accessory maker most likely to create a high-quality leather skin for your iPhone, Nomad gave this problem careful thought, going through more than 20 iterations over two years to develop the Magnetic Leather Back for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Personal removing Rustic Brown Nomad Magnetic Leather Back from iPhone 15 Pro.

Thanks to Apple’s MagSafe technology, the Magnetic Leather Back can be easily popped on and off your iPhone as needed. Micro-suction patches help keep it securely in place so that it doesn’t spin around the MagSafe ring, and in addition to offering the luxurious Horween leather feel that Nomad is known for, there’s also a TPU edge around the camera bump to protect your lenses.

Nomad Magnetic Leather Back front and back view.

The beauty of the Magnetic Leather Back is that it lets you add some elegant flair to your iPhone 15 Pro (or iPhone 15 Pro Max) while leaving the slick titanium edges exposed, but it can be easily removed when you need to slap on a more rugged case for your outdoor adventures. However, like most MagSafe cases, it’s also fully compatible with wireless charging and other MagSafe accessories, so you can keep it on for everyday use.

The Magnetic Leather Back is available now for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max directly from Nomad in Rustic Brown or Black for $40.

The Super Slim makes a comeback

Person holding iPhone 15 Pro with Nomad Super Slim Case in Carbide black.

If you’re an iPhone 15 Pro owner who wants to enjoy Nomad’s unique look with more protection, you’ll be happy to know that the company’s Super Slim Case is returning for Apple’s latest iPhone Pro lineup.

Rather than Nomad’s hallmark Horween leather, the Super Slim case is made from synthetic materials, at least 50% of which are recycled. This gives it a grippier matte feel that still has a premium finish in your hand with a minimalist design that’s available in the same classy and translucent Frost and Carbide colors as last year’s iPhone 14 Pro version, which means the unique look of your titanium iPhone 15 Pro will still show through.

Nomad Super Slim Case for iPhone 15 Pro in Frost white and Carbide black.

As the name implies, the Super Slim is an ultra-thin case ideal for folks who would prefer not to add a case to their iPhone 15 Pro but aren’t comfortable living without at least some protection. There’s all-around coverage here, with a raised edge around the cameras and chamfered cutouts for the buttons and ports.

The Super Slim Case for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is now available directly from Nomad for $30 and should appear at the other usual retailers soon.

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