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Next iPhone said to incorporate Force Touch and include a pink color option

IPhone 6 Plus studio back mid
Now that all the buzz around the Apple Watch is finally starting to die down (till it hits stores next month….), we can expect a steady flow of iPhone-related leaks, rumors, and speculation to take its place.

That’s right, folks, the iPhone 6 has only been available a few months and already there’s plenty of talk about what features are likely to land with the next version.

The Wall Street Journal said Tuesday it’s heard from those in the know that the Cupertino company is planning on incorporating a feature straight from the Apple Watch and new MacBook when it next revamps its handset.

We’re talking about Force Touch, a technology able to distinguish between a tap and a press that would introduce an additional dimension to the user interface thereby significantly increasing the number of gestures available to a user.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard that Force Touch could be coming to the iPhone – news out of Taiwan last month (via G4Games) suggested the very same thing – so the Journal’s report is a further indication that Apple could be looking to introduce the pressure-sensitive feature.

The journal also said the tech giant is planning to keep the next round of iPhones the same size – 4.7 and 5.5 inches – and is also looking into the possibility of offering a pink casing to go alongside the current silver, gold and space gray offerings.

We’ve really no idea when the next iPhone will show up – possibly in September, a year after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched – but we’re not expecting a major overhaul this time around. The current models, larger in size than those that went before, are selling in huge quantities, so it’s likely the next version will have less of a significant design change and instead come with more under-the-hood improvements. And possibly a pink option.

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