Google could make your life with the Nexus 5 more colorful, as leak hints at new hues

Google Nexus 5 review rear camera 2

If you go to buy a Nexus 5 smartphone from the Google Play store right now, you’ll be given the choice of either a black or white color scheme, but this could change in the near future. A video sent to appears to show someone clicking through a more extensive range of color options, when browsing the Nexus 5’s order page.

Nexus 5 Blue LeakLike many leaked videos and images, it’s all a bit blurry, but the colors available on the page look to include orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and red, alongside the standard black and white versions. With each click, the phone pictured alongside does change color.

The blog has also added some stills showing the brighter Nexus 5 in more detail. The purple, blue and red all look good, but we’re not sure about the green and yellow at all. If the leak is accurate, it’ll be interesting to see how these colored rear panels are fitted to the Nexus 5, as there are slight differences between the two already on sale. The black model has an all over soft-touch casing, while the white version makes do with a shiny black surround and a white rear panel.

Nexus 5 Green LeakGoogle has reportedly already tweaked the Nexus 5’s design once, to address a few complaints from users. The updated model apparently no longer suffers from rattly volume buttons, muffled speakers, or a SIM tray which doesn’t quite fit properly.

The Nexus range has always been rather sombre, and a splash of color may make the usually quite geeky devices more attractive to a mainstream audience. Whether it’ll happen or not depends on the authenticity of this leak. As always, treat it with suspicion until Google confirms it.