Rumor: The Nokia EOS is no longer the Lumia 1020, but the Nokia 909

Nokia Lumia 521 review top left cornerThe trouble with rumors, aside from the obvious concerns over factual accuracy, is that invariably, they change over time. The Nokia EOS has been talked about for months, and the codename first made an appearance at the beginning of the year. We all knew it would never make it on to the final product (Canon may have had something to say if it did), but its official moniker remained unknown.

However, over the past week or so, the name Lumia 1020 has made the rounds, after being published as a possibility on the @evleaks Twitter account. It was as likely as any other name, and everyone is aware of Nokia’s love of adding the number 20 to the end of its current range smartphones.

Except now, @evleaks has been given another hint of the EOS’s real identity. The latest tweet says, “New info pegs EOS not as the Lumia 1020, but Nokia 909,” which at first glance is rather fitting, but then gets slightly more baffling. It’s fitting because the EOS is expected to use Nokia’s PureView 41-megapixel camera, which makes it the unofficial sequel to the PureView 808 from 2012. See what they did there?

So, that bit makes sense, but what about the use of the Nokia name instead of Lumia? Of course, the source of leak could be mistaken, and the Lumia name may still apply; but if not, could this be the first in a series of super-special phones from Nokia, which it would prefer to keep separate from its mainstream Lumia Windows Phones.

So, with just days to go until the phone is almost certainly going to be announced – Nokia has a New York event set for July 11 – the mystery of the name is still far from being solved. Now it has been suggested, we’re hoping for the 909 model number, as we think the original, and still impressive, Symbian-powered smartphone deserves as much recognition as it can get.