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The OnePlus 8 will have wireless charging, and it’s going to be quick

One of the most requested features on a OnePlus phone has always been wireless charging, and it will finally be introduced on the OnePlus 8 series set to launch on April 14. But in true OnePlus style it’s not just slapping any old wireless charging system inside — this is Warp Charge 30 Wireless, and when you hear how fast it is, you’ll understand that it’s not a token gesture.

Warp Charge 30 Wireless is the result of three years’ work by OnePlus’s research teams, and will take the battery inside the new phone from zero to 50% in just 30 minutes. For comparison, the wired Warp Charge 30T system fast-charges the OnePlus 7T Pro’s 4,085mAh cell to 68% in 30 minutes, and on to full charge in about an hour. At this stage OnePlus has not stated how long a full charge will take using the wireless system.

OnePlus says it had not included wireless charging before due to the low charging speeds it could achieve. The 30W wireless charging system in the OnePlus 8 phones uses something called an “isolated charge pump” to increase efficiency, along with the proprietary Warp chipset inside the charger and the phone to manage current and voltage flow.

The use of the Warp system means to get the full 30W fast charge experience you’re going to have to use a OnePlus wireless charger, just like needing to use a wired OnePlus adaptor to benefit from its fast charging now. However, we doubt the OnePlus wireless charger will come in the box, so expect to pay more for the privilege. That said, OnePlus has assured us Warp Charge 30 wireless is compatible with existing Qi wireless chargers, so it’ll still work with existing kit, but with a catch.

Place a OnePlus 8 on your trusty Qi wireless charger and the best you’ll get is 10W charging power if it supports the right standard, although older models may only deliver a measly 5W charging power. You definitely won’t see a 50% charge in 30 minutes if you use either of these systems. Regardless of this, it’s great to see OnePlus listen to those who buy its phones and add a feature that has been standard on competing models for a while.

OnePlus is holding an online launch event on April 14 when it will show off the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and, potentially, a third phone rumored as the OnePlus 8 Z.

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