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This aluminum case covers your slippery Apple Pencil to give you better grip

The Apple Pencil may be a great accessory for the humongous iPad Pro, but it can prove slippery at times, and, because of the material choice, it can be prone to scratches. The PenSe hopes to eradicate both issues with its case for the Apple Pencil.

Beginning with superficial features, the PenSe utilizes an anodized unibody aluminum design, which Appostasy, the company behind the PenSe, alleges will increase your grip when using the Pencil. In addition, PenSe introduces two ways to store the Pencil: either by using the pen cap, which lets you clip the Pencil anywhere you can clip a regular pen, or by attaching it to your iPad Pro‘s surface, using the 14 embedded magnets. Regardless of which method you use, it solves the biggest issue of the Pencil: how to store it.

As for the Pencil itself, the PenSe comes with a built-in Lightning-to-Lightning adapter, which lets you charge the Apple Pencil while inside the PenSe. This saves you from awkwardly charging the Pencil by directly attaching it to your iPad Pro. Also, don’t worry about the Pencil moving around inside the PenSe — a special coating on the inner walls of the PenSe and its end gaskets prevent the Pencil from getting scuffed and moving around.

Even though the PenSe was designed with the Pencil in mind, Appostasy didn’t stop there. It also created a fountain pen and aluminum stylus. As for availability, if you want the aluminum stylus, you’ll need to put aside at least $15 on the Kickstarter page. As for the actual PenSe, all early bird models are gone, which means you’ll need to put down at least $40 to get one. The fountain pen version of the PenSe currently goes for at least $45. These variants will come in an assortment of colors, including Silver, Space Grey, Gold, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, and Kickstarter Green.

Finally, Appostasy will sell a version that is made of solid sterling silver, with two rings of meteorite from the Muonionalusta meteorite adorning it. Called the PenSe Orbit (get it?), only 50 versions will be made, and the high-end materials will fetch an equally high-end price tag: $1,000.

Whether you’re willing to fork over anywhere from $15 to $1,000, the PenSe Kickstarter is currently live. The project already fetched more than $12,000 out of its $32,000 goal. If the PenSe succeeds with funding, it will arrive anywhere from May to June of this year, depending on which version you opt for.

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