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Check your Apple Card right now — you may have a crazy 10% cash-back promo

If you’re an Apple Card user, you may want to check if you have a new offer waiting for you that will net you up to 10% cash back on grocery store purchases. Yes, you read that correctly — 10% cash back.

Apple is quietly boosting Apple Card rewards with this new promotion that seems to only be available to select users through May 31. The timing of this offer follows the launch of the Apple Card Savings account earlier in the month.

Apple Card 5% grocery promo offer

Apple has emailed select Apple Card users about this new promo, which grants 5% cash back at grocery stores when you use your Apple Card. We’re not sure what the criteria are for receiving this email, as not every Apple Card user got it.

But it also doesn’t appear that clear-cut. Digital Trends’ Joe Maring has an offer on his Apple Card for 10% cash back instead of the advertised 5%, and he didn’t receive an email from Apple about the promotion.

Daily Cash page for the Apple Card, showing a 10% back promo for grocery store purchases.
Digital Trends

In the email, Apple says eligible Apple Card users can get 5% Daily Cash on purchases made at grocery stores, up to a total of $2,000 in purchases when you use Apple Pay. If you use the titanium Apple Card Card in the store, you can also get 5% Daily Cash Back on up to $1,000 in purchases. With this promo, you can get a maximum of $50 Daily Cash total.

But what counts as a grocery store? Apple has some specific criteria similar to how other credit card offers work:

  • Qualifying grocery store purchases include those made at supermarkets, Instacart, Whole Foods purchases via Amazon, and warehouse clubs.
  • Purchases that are not eligible for this offer are purchases made at Costco (in-store), Target (online), Walmart (online), convenience stores, specialty food markets, grocery delivery services (except Instacart, which is eligible), and meal-kit delivery services.

Whenever you use your Apple Card, you get Apple Card Daily Cash issued to you at the end of each day, and it shows up directly n your Apple Cash card in the Wallet app. This money can be transferred to your bank, applied to your Apple Card balance, or you can use it for Apple Pay purchases. It can also be sent to friends and family who also use Apple Cash, similar to Venmo and PayPal (this is done through the Messages app).

Earlier in the month, Apple launched Apple Card Savings account, which has a 4.15% interest rate. If you opened that account, your Daily Cash rewards automatically get transferred to it.

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