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Revolution smartphone running Android or Firefox OS teased by Geeksphone

Firefox OS Phone

Geeksphone, the Spanish startup responsible for the first smartphones to run Mozilla’s Firefox OS, has started teasing the release of a new device named the Revolution. It’s an intriguing phone too, as it’s said to run either Android or Firefox OS. However, while the announcement of any new phone is a good thing, the Revolution may be the result of a few problems at the company.

According to a blog post, Geeksphone has been forced to cancel its Peak+ phone, which was to improve on the original Peak Firefox OS phone, with higher specs and a faster processor. Sadly, production issues beyond Geeksphone’s control have seen the project canned. It’s not giving up though, and the Revolution will be properly announced in the coming weeks.

Geeksphone Revolution TeaserSo what’s it like? Well, at the moment the only official information comes from a teaser image of a pregnant woman with the words, “The revolution is coming. Stay tuned.” Not exactly revealing, then. A report published by says the phone will have a high performance processor, and be able to run either Android or Firefox OS. A higher spec phone would be beneficial to Mozilla’s software, as the low-end hardware on sale doesn’t really showcase Firefox OS’s talents. 

The article continues with a quote from a Geeksphone spokesperson, who told the site, “The device can be ordered with Android or Mozilla,” and added that if it’s running Android, a Firefox OS ROM can be installed separately. The two operating systems won’t run together though. Due to some licensing problems, Firefox OS may appear under its Boot2Gecko codename.

Anyone who ordered a Peak+ will get the Revolution free of charge, while for everyone else, a price of around 300 euros looks likely, which converts over to about $400. There’s no release date provided, but Geelsphone says the device will be available soon. While it’s aimed primarily at developers, the Revolution may also be of interest to anyone who wants to try Firefox OS, but with the option to return to Android in the future.

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