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Your 5G Samsung phone will have a massive amount of RAM

Samsung has developed a new RAM module for use in future smartphones, and it’s designed to help make phones with 5G technology and more powerful artificial intelligence a reality. If that wasn’t enough, Samsung promises the RAM will operate in a way that reduces power consumption by 30 percent compared to its existing RAM modules, resulting in more battery life and greater efficiency.

The LPDDR5 module, for the technically interested, is the first 10-nanometer-class 8GB RAM we’ve seen, and it joins two 16GB RAM modules Samsung already produces in its premium 10nm class, although these are not designed for mobile devices. Currently, the RAM modules have been tested at prototype stage, and will be mass produced at its Pyeongtaek factory in South Korea.

What benefits will it bring, outside of the lower power consumption? Data transfer runs at a higher rate, and is 1.5 times faster than the LPDDR4X RAM chips used in current range-topping smartphones. Samsung gives an example of the speed, claiming the RAM can send 51.2GB of data in a second. There will be two versions of the RAM available to Samsung and its partners, one with a 6,400Mb/s transfer rate — to which the above performance figure relates — and the other with a 5,500Mb/s rate.

The RAM will be used to power Samsung’s 5G phones, and new artificial intelligence and machine learning apps and services. Samsung also adds it will be compatible with UHD resolution screens, generally accepted to mean a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution, and will potentially be used in automotive systems as well.

Despite Samsung raving about its new 8GB RAM stick, and that number being impressive; we shouldn’t forget we can go out and buy a smartphone with 8GB of RAM right now — the OnePlus 6 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 are just two examples. Samsung itself built an 8GB RAM module in 2016, based on the LPDDR4 class at the time. So why should you care about this announcement?

It’s the speed, efficiency, and optimization for next-generation technology that makes it exciting. 5G will arrive in the not too distant future, and A.I. is only going to increase in popularity and general use. For us to really enjoy the benefits, the underlying technology also has to improve, and this is one of the crucial steps involved. There’s also the chance the Galaxy S10 may be one of the first Samsung phones with this new, high performance RAM module, whether it has 5G support or not.

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