This could be the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 we see at Samsung Unpacked in February

Smartphones are getting bigger, and only folding screens are offering the chance for them to get a little smaller while keeping the big screen we love. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first real folding phone out of the gate, and it seems Samsung is ready to follow it up by launching another folding phone at Samsung Unpacked on February 11. Currently dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 — presumably “Galaxy Fold 2: Fold Harder” wasn’t an appropriate name — renders from Dutch website LetsGoDigital have revealed a different design for the next Samsung folding phone.

Unlike the first Samsung Galaxy Fold, which opened like a book, the Galaxy Fold 2 renders show a device that resembles a square when folded,  and unfolds into a more typical phone shape. In essence, where the Galaxy Fold opened from a typical phone shape into a tablet, the Fold 2 looks to unfold into a phone from a clamshell design. It’s a design not unlike the Motorola Razr, which emulates the older Motorola phone of the same name.

But it’s there that the similarities end. Where the Motorola Razr is stylishly modeled after its namesake, with a sizeable chin and a display for the folded state. There’s a new hinge known as the “Hideaway Hinge“, which is meant to disappear into the unit when unfolded. The Galaxy Fold 2 is all straight lines and sleek simplicity, and only has a small display on the outside for the time, date, and battery. It’s mirrored by a twin-lens camera module and flash unit. Little is known about the camera system, but it is suspected it could consist of the long-rumored 108-megapixel lens and 5-times periscope telephoto lens.

Unfolded, LetsGoDigital’s renders say we’ll be looking at a huge 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a hole-punch display in place of the Galaxy Fold’s notch. The display will apparently use a new type of material, known as Ultra Thin Glass (UTG), which is as foldable as the polyamide plastics used in the Galaxy Fold, but has a lot more scratch-resistance. In return, UTG is more difficult and expensive to produce. However, despite this, rumors are hoping the Galaxy Fold 2 will be cheaper than the Galaxy Fold, with some saying it’ll be close to the Motorola Razr’s $1,500 price.

Credit: LetsGoDigital

The internal specs are currently unknown, and a lower price would throw doubt on the idea of flagship specs. A meaty battery is expected though, and the rumors support this, with another dual battery build. A small 900mAh battery is expected to power the smaller display, while an unknown, larger battery will power the rest. It’ll be supported by super-fast 45W charging though, according to the rumors.

How likely are these renders to be true? Samsung’s invitation to Samsung Unpacked shows a pair of odd shapes as part of the logo. The oblong in place of the first “A” matches the expected camera module shape on the Galaxy S11/S20, and the second “A” shape matches the renders of the folded Galaxy Fold 2 above. So honestly, these renders seem fairly solid. But we don’t have long to find out, as Samsung Unpacked will arrive on February 11 — and you know we’ll be there to watch it.

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