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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 could see a battery size increase

It looks like the unannounced Galaxy Z Flip 4 could be addressing an issue seen across the industry when it comes to foldable smartphones — battery life. Because batteries can’t bend with the screen, they need to be a smaller size ,which means most foldables don’t have great battery life. Despite packing two batteries in Samsung’s foldable smartphones, one in the top half of the screen and the other in the bottom half, the Flip 3’s battery was perhaps its worst feature.

Luckily, a report from Galaxy Club says that the Flip 4 will be increasing its capacity from the Flip 3. According to the report, the “main” battery (as it’s referred to by Samsung internally) will stay as is at 903mAh, while the “sub” battery will be increased from 2,300mAh to 2,400. Obviously, this isn’t a major upgrade at only a 100mAh difference, but depending on how it’s utilized the battery life for the Flip 4 could be improved when compared to its predecessors.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition phones kept on a table.

The hope is that Flip 4 owners are able to see a marked improvement over the previous model, but given how small the increase is, it doesn’t seem likely that too many people will notice. Samsung marketed the Galaxy Z Flip 3 as having a 3,300mAh capacity battery cell despite it being much closer to 3,200mAh. We can only speculate what this year’s marketing machine will advertise, but it seems likely that the Flip 4 will be advertised as having a 3,400mAh cell even though the real number is closer to 3,300. It’s possible that ads will stick with the 3,300mAh messaging if Samsung doesn’t see an improvement in battery life, but if it wants to use “increased battery life” as a selling point, then it seems likely that they’ll go with 3,400mAh in the device’s marketing.

Currently, there isn’t a whole lot of concrete information known about the Flip 4 as it’s still unannounced by Samsung. When looking at previous Flip releases, it seems like it could launch in August or September, but that isn’t confirmed. If that’s the case, then an announcement could be coming soon.

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