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It’s always right side up with Scosche’s EZTIP reversible Micro USB accessories

scosche unveils eztip accessories with reversible micro usb
We all try to stick cables in the wrong way sometimes. With standard USB cables, it seems there’s a cosmic rule that it’s always the wrong way up the first time you try it, but the same thing happens with Micro USB cables. Sometimes you’ll be trying to plug that charging cable into your smartphone in the dark or you’ll be in a hurry. It’s not just the frustration you have to deal with, the ports can get scratched and damaged over time — in fact, it’s a pretty common repair.

Enter Scosche with a fully reversible Micro USB design in its freshly announced EZTIP accessory line. The first release in the series will be the Strikecharge, a 12 watt, 2.4A, 3 foot, coiled charging cable for the car. It lands in October and it will cost you $20.

That’s just the beginning, though, because Scosche has a full range of EZTIP accessories in the works that will come to market in the run up to the holiday season.

The solution is simple. Scosche has angled the top and bottom of the plug and made the connectors inside double-sided. The cable will work no matter which way you plug it in. It’s a smart way to eliminate everyone’s number-one complaint about Micro USB.

This is not the first such solution we’ve seen. The MicFlip was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in August, but Scosche is the first major accessory manufacturer we’ve seen offering a reversible Micro USB solution. And if no one manages to secure a patent in this area to fend off rivals, we strongly suspect it won’t be the last.

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