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T-Mobile more than doubles the data it offers on 4-person family plans

T-Mobile is back on the attack against AT&T with a new family plan promotion. From July 30 to September 30, the Uncarrier will offer 10GB of 4G LTE data to families of four who sign up for a family plan for just $100. The data will be shared between all four people, averaging ~2.5GB per person.

Currently, T-Mobile offers a $100 four-person plan with 4GB of 4G LTE data to share for the same price. Once the family runs out of data, they could still keep going, but their download speeds would slow significantly. If your family wanted more than 1GB of 4G data per person, they’d have to pay $140 for 12GB of 4G LTE, averaging 3GB per person. The new promotion offers more than double the original data amount for the same price of $100.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced the promotion with tons of fanfare and targeted AT&T, mocking its “Best-ever pricing” for families promotion. Legere says that AT&T’s four-person family plan with 10GB of data costs $160 a month, which is $60 more each month, amounts to $1,440 more over the course of two years. Legere was also quick to point out that AT&T doesn’t offer unlimited data after you run out of those 10GB either and that they’ll most likely slam you with overage charges.

T-Mobile Family Plan Promotion

Based on the data we complied while writing our Family plan comparison article, it seems that Legere is basing his numbers off of an AT&T Next plan for four people without a two-year contract, which includes 10GB of shared data. Our research shows that such a plan does indeed cost $160 a month.

He also mentioned that Verizon’s prices for a similar plan are in the same ballpark as AT&T’s. Our data shows that Verizon will charge a family of four between $150 and $170 on the More Everything plan with Edge, which does not have a two-year contract. On this plan, $150 will get you 8GB of data to share, while $170 will get you 12GB of data. Based on our research, Legere’s claims about the difference in price are accurate.

Legere also highlighted other T-Mobile promotions, such as unlimited international data and text, as well as its “Unradio” campaign, which allows users to stream music from most popular apps over the network without siphoning off users’ data.

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