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The best iPhone 13 battery cases for 2021

The iPhone 13‘s stellar battery life holds up just fine if you’re running around town, commuting to work, or stepping out for the evening. But if you’re on the road, or otherwise make heavy use of your phone, you will need more juice for occasions when convenient outlets or time may be scarce. A battery case — basically a power pack that’s always available — will help you squeeze more hours out of your iPhone on a single charge.

Battery packs tend to be a tad more utilitarian looking than fashion iPhone cases, and right now while the iPhone 13 range is still new, they are mostly available in no-nonsense black, We expect that over the next few months, there will be more visual variety. We found the best iPhone 13 battery cases to keep your iPhone going even when you cannot get to a convenient outlet.

Plus Cases iPhone 13 Battery Case

Plus Cases iPhone 13 Battery Case.

The Plus Cases Battery Case — linked to and recommended by Apple for the iPhone 13 — promises 150% more battery power than the phone’s native battery life. It features a high-quality lithium-polymer 4,800mAh battery that will give you more than 500 full recharge cycles. That extra power resides in a hard shell protective case within a soft silicone frame. A raised bezel around the phone’s screen is accompanied by an on/off button on the back of the battery case. The case also supports Apple’s lightning cable for charging and syncing, as well as Lightning-style headphones or headphone adapters, so you can listen to music or make phone calls via the headphones.

Plus Cases iPhone 13 Wireless Charging Battery Case

Plus Cases iPhone 13 Wireless Charging Battery Case.

Like its wired sister, the Plus Cases Wireless Charging Case features a hard shell protective case with a soft silicone frame, raised bezel, and a 4,800mAh battery for 150% extra battery power above and beyond the built-in iPhone 13 battery, and designed for 500 complete recharges. The main difference is that this case supports Qi-enabled wireless chargers, though you can also use the Apple lightning cable. It also supports Lightning-style headphones or headphone adapters so you can listen to music or make calls through the headphones.

Maxbear Battery Case for iPhone 13

MaxBear Battery Case for iPhone 13.

The Maxbear smart charger case does double duty as a portable charger and a protective case for the iPhone 13. The main attraction is the 7,000mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery, with a quick charging cable included in the box. This battery case sports an ultra-slim, unibody design made of liquid silicone rubber, that’s easy to install and offers a comfortable tactile feel in the hand. Elastic soft material and full edge design protect the phone from scratches, impact, and fingerprints. Raised bezels assist in protecting the screen. Advanced chips protect your phone from overheating, short-circuiting, and overcharging. Four LED battery level indicators let you know exactly how much power you have left.

Lalkons Battery Case for iPhone 13

Lalkons Battery Case for iPhone 13.

The Lalkons Battery Case, with its raised sides and hard-shell, protects your iPhone 13 from scratches, drops, impact, and daily wear and tear. Its 7000mAh rechargeable built-in lithium polymer battery promises an extra 150% of power to total an estimated eight hours of additional talk time or 12 hours of web browsing time. The power switch lets you turn the battery case on or off while four LED lights track and indicate how much power you have (25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%). Advanced built-in sync tech lets you charge your battery case and iPhone 13 simultaneously with your existing iPhone charging cable, and conveniently sync your iPhone 13 to your MacBook, PC, or laptop without having to take the battery case off. A charging cable is included in the package. It does not support wireless charging.

Newdery Battery Case for iPhone 13

Newdery Battery Case for iPhone 13.

Slim and portable, the Newdery Battery case is a powerful battery charger that features built-in 4,800mAh capacity, but takes up minimal space in your pocket or purse. It’s made of soft rubber combined with a hard shell plate to protect your iPhone from damage with raised bezels to help protect your screen. You can charge your iPhone 13 and the battery case simultaneously via a Qi wireless charging pad. The charger case supports the sync-data function so you don’t need to remove the battery case. Use the case to listen to music with Lightning or Bluetooth headphones while charging your phone or use Apple Pay without removing the battery case. A built-in smart chip protects your iPhone from overheating, short-circuiting, and overcharging.

ZeroLemon iPhone 13 Battery Case

ZEROLEMON iPhone 13 battery case.

The powerful ZeroLemon 5,000mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable extended battery promises to add 110% extra battery life to your iPhone 13 while also supporting Qi wireless charging. This tech lets you charge the battery case and phone with a wireless charging pad or Magsafe chargers. The iPhone gets fully charged first and then the battery case follows, though Magsafe chargers do not magnetically stick on this model. The case also works with lightning earphones and Apple Pay, and enables data sync to computers without removing the battery case, though data sync passes only through USB A to lightning cables. The soft TPU case offers all-around protection from scratches and other wear and tear and comes with a specially designed tempered glass screen protector for the battery case.

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