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The best Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 cases and covers

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 — all 11 inches of it — is popularly viewed as the iPad Pro of the Android world. It has a slim bezel, supports a stylus that fits nicely into a cutout on the back, and can sport a detachable keyboard cover. As with all tablets, the screen tells the story. With the Tab S7, that story begins with an LCD with a 120Hz refresh rate supported by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. It even works as a second display for your PC, Apple Sidecar style. Another thing it has in common with an iPad, as well as other tablets, is its need for protection from drops, impact, scratches, dust, moisture, and other environmental hazards that can destroy a tablet’s functionality.

Despite its relative newness on the market, we have found an impressive array of cases for the Tab S7 from well-known vendors.

Ztotop Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Made with supple premium leather and paired with a soft microfiber interior lining, the Ztotop case shields your tablet from scratches, impact, dust, or any other dangers a tablet may run into during a day at work or school. The case facilitates the auto wake and sleep functions, which automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the lid opens or closes. You can adjust the viewing angle with multiple slots, keeping it horizontal for viewing videos or typing. The S Pen attaches magnetically, as the case supports wireless charging, while the back has a built-in space to secure the pen.

Fintie SlimShell Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Fintie SlimShell Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 copy
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Beauty at a great price — that’s Fintie’s well-earned reputation for mobile phone and tablet covers, and this one is no different. It’s constructed as a slim, lightweight cover made from durable polyurethane leather that easily clips on to your tablet. The soft microfiber interior front keeps your tablet glass free from dust and scratches. A translucent back cover is specially treated with a matte finish that’s designed to show the Samsung icon. A tri-fold front cover can flip to transform the Tab S7 case for use in keyboarding or reading. A built-in pen holder gives you easy access to the S Pen and supports magnetic and wireless charging when the case is on. It auto wakes or puts the tablet to sleep when the lid opens or closes. It comes in rose gold or black.

Neepanda Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Neepanda Case
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With its durable frame and fortified corners, you can rely on the Neepanda to ably protect your tablet from the elements. It features wireless charging of the S Pen via a side opening without having to remove the case. The smart cover supports the auto wake and sleep functions, while a magnetic connection creates a stable viewing stand to prevent your tablet from falling down while you read or type. It also lets you add a third-party screen protector and supports most of the ones sold for this model. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Infiland Galaxy Tab S7 Case

Infiland Galaxy Tab S7 Case
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If you’re looking for an attractive, durable case to tote your Galaxy Tab S7 around town or to the office, the Infiland is a case to consider. It has a tactile grip, making it comfortable for handheld reading and provides a sturdy base for typing and viewing. The soft frame and raised cutout for the camera protect your tablet from impact. It provides popular auto sleep and wake functions and protects both the tablet and the S Pen at the same time. It comes in a gorgeous assortment of colors in addition to black, including gray, mint green, dark red, rose gold, and Midnight Green.

Spigen Tough Armor Pro

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If it’s named Spigen, you know your device is fully protected from whatever it may run into. The Tough Armor Pro is constructed with a shock-absorbent dual-layer that’s combined with Air Cushion Technology. A raised bezel protects the screen and camera from scratches. It is compatible with the S Pen and comes with built-in pen storage that lets you simply slide the pen in or out of its holder. The built-in kickstand easily enables hands-free viewing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 QWERTY Keyboard Cover Case

Galaxy Tab S7 Keyboard Cover
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Keep everything in the family with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Keyboard Cover Case, because when you buy directly from the device vendor, you can rest assured of compatible functionality. If you seek a keyboard case for your Tab S7, this is the first place to look. This all-in-one polycarbonate case, with reinforced corners and sides, covers your Tab S7 to protect it from scratches, knocks, and drops. The slim folding cover clips onto the back of the device and folds over the front to protect the screen. It features tactile keys for long stretches of typing with connectivity via Bluetooth. The case has an integrated stand that positions the screen for typing, viewing videos, or presenting. The case includes a detachable holder to protect the S Pen. You get a maximum of three months between charges, ensuring you never run out of juice at a critical time. It comes in black only.

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