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The iPhone 11 Pro’s multiple camera design is triggering people’s trypophobia

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Camera Lenses | Apple September 2019 Event Keynote
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Apple’s debut of the iPhone 11 Pro during Tuesday’s event had some people marveling in the phone’s new three-camera system, while others were left cringing. 

The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max come with an advanced triple-lens camera setup that can capture wide-angle, super-wide-angle, and telephoto lens shots. The only problem is, that for some, it’s triggering trypophobia. 

 Trypophobia is defined as “a fear or disgust of closely packed holes.” Healthline said that the fear is not yet recognized as an official phobia, but nonetheless, the Twitter-verse freaked out when it saw the iPhone’s new cameras. 

my trypophobia getting triggered by this ????????

— anne (@furiosah) September 11, 2019

iPhone 11: *exists

People with trypophobia:

— Mark Raschiatore (@MarkRaschiatore) September 11, 2019

i have really bad trypophobia but the iphone 11 camera doesn’t bother me y’all stop lyin ????????

— jess is so happy for jyler ???? (@trenchhex) September 11, 2019

Common things that set off people’s trypophobia include honeycombs, lotus seed pods, a cluster of eyes, coral, strawberries, and now, apparently, the iPhone 11 Pro. 

People with trypophobia report goosebumps, feeling uncomfortable, feeling like your skin is crawling, sweating, and even panic attacks at the sight of multi-holed trypophobia triggers. 

There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to the phobia on Reddit, and even if the iPhone’s new cameras don’t bother you, the subreddit most definitely will. 

Regardless of their appearance, the iPhone 11 Pro’s new cameras are a huge upgrade, according to Digital Trends’ Mobile Editor Julian Chokkattu in his hands-on review. The cameras will feature an update called Deep Fusion, which uses pixel-by-pixel analysis to refine photos for crystal-clear details.  You’ll be able to zoom 0.5x 1x, 2x, and even up to 10x using the digital zoom option. 

Aside from the camera, the iPhone 11 Pro also promises 20% faster charging with four hours more battery life than previous iPhone models — five hours more on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can expect a 5.8-inch OLED screen with a 2,436 × 1,125 resolution for the iPhone 11 Pro, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max boasts a 6.5-inch OLED screen and up to a 2,688 × 1,242 resolution. The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Max will be available to order starting September 13

Still, if you get goosebumps just at the thought of the back of the iPhone 11 Pro and its cameras, you might want to opt for the iPhone 11, which only has two cameras and looks much less disturbing. The iPhone 11 will  be available to order the same day as the iPhone 11 Pro. 

Digital Trends reached out to Apple for comment on the trypophobia hype, but we haven’t heard back yet. 

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