Uncourage attaches your iPhone headphone dongle to your keychain

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Are you an iPhone 7 owner struggling with the fact that your shiny new phone doesn’t have a headphone jack? Are you annoyed that you have to carry an adapter around in your pocket to use your wired headphones? This little accessory is here to save the day!

The little contraption, while decidedly un-technical, is pretty clever. It’s basically a keychain with a 3.5mm jack, designed solely for you to be able to click your iPhone headphone adapter on and carry it around.

The keychain is called the Uncourage, it costs a paltry $6, and it keeps your headphone adapter close in case you need it. If you frequently use wired headphones, you may well need it often. In the end, the keychain may actually save you money. Most people keep a close tab on their keys at all times and rarely lose them — but you could definitely accidentally lose a headphone jack adapter, which runs for $10 a pop.


Of course, there are alternatives to having to use the headphone adapter at all. The Fuze case, for example, may add a little extra bulk to your iPhone, but it also plugs into your device’s Lightning port and adds a headphone jack on the bottom, basically letting you plug in your headphones the same way you would on any device that has a headphone jack. Still, not everyone wants that extra bulk on their iPhone — which has always been a slick and stylish device.

There’s also the price. While the Uncourage adapter only costs $6, the Fuze Case costs $60, so you’d have to really want one to buy one. The Uncourage, on the other hand, is just something you could carry around in case the need for wired headphones arises.