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Video of Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Nexus S


We weren’t going to post this, but it looks like it could be legitimate. Engadget was sent a 2-minute video by a guy who claims that he bought a Nexus S on eBay that came with Android Ice Cream Sandwich loaded on it. Adding more credibility to the claim, he now says that after posting the video his device was remotely wiped by Google. I hope they plan to reimburse him.

From the looks of it, Google is sticking with the silly Tron theme of Android Honeycomb and bringing it to the smartphone. The handset’s design was almost exactly like you’d expect a smaller version of Honeycomb to look like, right down to the apps menu and multitasking screen. Overall, we’re a bit underwhelmed. With Windows Phone 7.5 and iOS looking nicer and nicer, Android seems to be getting weirder. We’re happy that it has a theme at all, as it used to be kind of a mess, but now we’d like a good one. After playing with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 modified Honeycomb interface, we have to wonder why Google can’t seem to nail down design on its own.

With that said, the new version of Android may have some cool new features. We should learn more about it sometime in October. The first Ice Cream Sandwich handsets are due out around November, from what we hear.

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