Wurrly turns your phone into a professional recording studio

Struggling artist? Struggle no more. Well, sorta. Thanks to a new app called Wurrly, aspiring songbirds everywhere (or at least, those equipped with an Android or Apple smartphone) will be able to turn their mobile devices into an easy-to-use recording studio. The free app gives vocalists everything they need in order to both record and share high-quality versions of their craft. So if you’re looking for the best way to get some studio time without paying an arm and a leg, consider downloading Wurrly, and then sing your way to the top.

Founded by Nadine Levitt, a professional opera singer and songwriter who has performed with legends like David Foster, Roger Daltry, Christina Perri, and Steven Tyler, Wurrly was born out of Levitt’s intimate acquaintance with the music world and its many barriers to entry. “Not everyone can afford a pianist to accompany them, and location and economic differences should not be a barrier to entry for self-expression,” she says, and as such, she created a way to utilize technology to help other aspiring artists overcome these obstacles.

Thanks to Wurrly, singers can choose a song, customize it by selecting a different key, tempo, or instrumentation, then record a cover and share it quickly and easily via various social channels. Wurrly notes that it is made for singers by singers, and the firm hopes to highlight individuality and empower self-expression and artist discovery. There’s no limit on how much time you spend on Wurrly or how many songs you share, and with features like acoustic piano and guitar backing tracks, a slew of mix filters, and full-band versions of your favorite songs, don’t be surprised if you end up spending hours on this app.

“Wurrly’s focus is on connecting people through song. We make it easier than ever for artists to record and share high-quality songs with their friends or the world, while providing the tools they need to hone their craft,” said Levitt. “Singing is also supposed to be fun — and Wurrly encourages that!”

Already, after less than a year, Wurrly has tracked more than 1.5 million recording sessions and over 300,000 users, so if you’re looking for a way to jump-start your career, this may just be the app for you.