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Conveniently small, ZTE’s new 4G LTE hotspot is just $80 through T-Mobile

zte falcon t mobile hotspot news
ZTE has teamed up with T-Mobile for its latest device launch. However, it’s not a smartphone this time around, but a tiny 4G LTE hotspot called the Falcon. It’s not the first hotspot we’ve seen from ZTE, but it is one of the smallest. It’s just 10cm long, 6cm wide and 1.6cm thick. Gone are the days of hotspots that take up almost the same amount of room in your bag as your phone.

The Falcon has been optimized for use on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, which has recently been in the news for its dramatic connectivity improvements, and the little device is capable of keeping up to 10 devices connected over Wi-Fi at any one time. If your phone supports it, the Falcon will even allow Wi-Fi calls to be made as well.

While tethering computers to your phone is possible, it’s not only bad for the precious battery, but a laptop can also quickly eat through a data allowance. Using a hotspot minimizes that aspect, and saves your phone’s battery as well. Best of all, you don’t have to rely on public Wi-Fi for your connectivity fix.

ZTE last hit the hotspot news for its innovative Mobley in-car hotspot, that instead of running on its own power, connects to the OBDII port inside the vehicle. Before this, we checked out the multifunction Spro 2, which quickly became a firm favorite. It provides not only 4G LTE connectivity on the go, but also a 5-inch touchscreen, a device-charging 6300Ah battery, and a 200 lumens projector — all built into a single device. Very cool indeed.

If the Spro 2 does a little too much, and the Falcon’s simplicity appeals, then you’ll find it from February 12 both online and in some of T-Mobile’s retail stores for just $80.

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