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The 10 best Office characters ranked

The Office was been home to many characters that are instantly recognized by audiences worldwide. Though there were five to six characters listed in the main cast for most of the show, there are still plenty of side characters who are just as hilarious and memorable.

From Dwight’s geeky references to Battlestar Galactica to Andy’s constant evocation of his days as a member of the acapella group Here Comes Treble, these Office employees are beloved by fans worldwide. Out of all the employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, these 10 characters are the best that The Office has to offer.

10. Creed Bratton


Creed has had quite a fascinating past, as he’s held positions as a rock star, a drug dealer, and a cult member/leader (who looks a lot like Charles Manson at the end of the series). He’s also been guilty of multiple crimes, including fraud, theft, and, quite possibly, murder. Creed Bratton might not even be his real name.

Creed’s character is a mystery that has baffled audiences for years, and the fact that he has lost almost his whole grip on reality makes him even harder to narrow down. However, his odd but hilarious antics throughout the show have made him a noteworthy member of Dunder Mifflin, even if he technically doesn’t work there.

9. Darryl Philbin


Darryl arguably should’ve become the office’s new manager after Michael left. Starting out as the foreman of the warehouse, Darryl has displayed excellent leadership skills and provided many terrific ideas to his superiors that earned him a position upstairs.

Ambitious and hardworking, Darryl proved himself to be an integral part of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, all while tolerating Michael’s reckless and offensive shenanigans. And with his many one-liners, keyboarding skills, and silky set of pipes, Darryl is the kind of person one would want to work with at an office.

8. Oscar Martinez


As the series’ only out gay cast member, Oscar stood out as one of The Office’s breakout characters. He’s a calm, intelligent accountant who often serves in the “Coalition of Reason” keeping his wacky coworkers under control.

He did commit adultery with Angela’s senator husband, which is a severe lapse in morality. However, he did redeem himself by helping Angela get back on her feet when she was left without a home, making him among the most reliable employees at Dunder Mifflin.

7. Kevin Malone


Kevin went from being the office’s dull accountant to a slow-witted goofball who was mistakenly believed to be mentally challenged. When Kevin isn’t screwing up in accounting, he’s either cooking his famous chili (which he spills all over the lobby in a truly memorable scene), playing with his Police cover band Scrantonicity, feeding his gambling addiction, or looking up pornography on his work computer. Unsurprisingly, Dwight fired Kevin in the series finale, but his childish antics and peculiar habits continue to make him one of the show’s star cast members.

6. Andy Bernard


Andy entered the series in season 3 as an arrogant and annoying yes-man who tried to get Dwight fired after being transferred to Scranton. But after he was forced to leave for anger management therapy, Andy returned as a much more likable underdog whose love for Cornell and music made him one of the series’ most enjoyable characters.

Andy did fall back into acting like a narcissistic jerk in season 9, but returned to his old self by the end of the series and found happiness with his new job at Cornell. It turns out he’s more likable when he has zero confidence.

5. Erin Hannon


Erin first appeared in season 5 to take Pam’s place as the office receptionist, and stuck around ever since, becoming an adorable ray of sunshine for everyone there.

Over the course of the series, she has had a hilarious and endearing father-daughter dynamic with Michael and a sweet relationship with Andy, at least until season 9. She then came into her own by starting a loving romance with new guy Pete and finally meeting her birth parents, giving her the life she very much deserves.

4. Pam Beesley-Halpert


Pam started out as the office’s meek and lovable receptionist who frequently chats with Jim and controls Michael’s buffoonery. Since the show began, her character displayed exponential growth as she ended her aimless relationship with Roy and married Jim, eventually becoming an accomplished artist, salesperson, and office administrator (sort of).

Despite her lovable personality, Pam has been too afraid to stand up for herself and embrace change, which is arguably her greatest flaw. She waited too long to break up with Roy, declare her love for Jim, go to art school, confront Jim about working with Athlead, and ironically, decide to move so Jim can pursue his dream job in Austin. However, she has grown to assert herself more and be more confident, and she has found happiness in her ever-changing life.

3. Jim Halpert

The Office

This intelligent, easygoing sales rep has been the source of many of the show’s best moments. He is well known for his romantic pursuit of Pam, whom he later marries, creating a power couple on par with PB&J. He is also famous for regularly pulling elaborate and costly pranks on Dwight to alleviate his boredom.

Though Dwight is annoying and may sometimes deserve it, Jim occasionally takes his pranks too far. But for the most part, Jim is a charming and lovable everyman longing to find meaning in his humdrum life, which he finds with Pam and their two children.

2. Dwight Schrute

“Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.” These four words sum up Assistant (to the) Regional Manager Dwight Schrute. Raised on an isolated beet farm, the gullible and ignorant Dwight has had trouble understanding what is considered normal by everyone else, causing him to fall victim to Jim and Pam’s many pranks. And with his skills in martial arts and lethal weapons, he has proven himself a danger to everyone in the office, which he almost burned down on one occasion.

Though he acts like an iron-fisted businessman, he is shown to be a good person at heart as he grows attached to his coworkers, specifically Michael, Jim, and Pam. He also proves himself to be a skilled salesman worthy of the regional manager position he receives at the end of the series, despite the fact he accidentally fired a gun in the office.

1. Michael Scott

Steve Carell in The Office.

Though he is the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, Michael is frequently seen avoiding work and hosting pointless meetings in the conference room. He tries to be the center of attention through his offensive jokes and selfish actions, which have earned him the ire of just about everyone he encounters.

But the way the show explores his lonely childhood shows that at heart, he is a young boy who just wants to be loved and noticed by everyone. So despite his many deplorable actions, Michael has shown that he is a kindhearted person who ends up doing the right thing sooner or later, earning him the title of “World’s Best Boss.”

You can watch all 201 episodes of The Office on Peacock.

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