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Box office hits and misses: ‘Split’ wins again, Resident Evil franchise nears $1B

M. Night Shyamalan is officially back in the good graces of audiences with another bona fide box-office win.

The Sixth Sense and Signs director enjoyed another week at the top the box-office rankings with Split, the thriller that casts James McAvoy as a kidnapper with multiple personalities and more than a few secrets. Not only did the film extend its run as the top movie in theaters and continue to earn positive reviews, but it also crossed the $100 million mark after just two weeks — no small achievement for a film that cost only $9 million to make.

As for the weekend’s second-place film, an animal-abuse scandal didn’t seem to deter audiences from herding into theaters for A Dog’s Purpose. The drama — which was expected to take a hit due to a leaked video showing one of the film’s animal actors being forced into turbulent water — earned what most box-office pundits originally expected for it before the leaked video surfaced.

# Title Weekend U.S. Total Worldwide Total
1. Split $26.2M $77.9M $101.6M
2. A Dog’s Purpose $18.3M $18.3M $23.3M
3. Hidden Figures $14M $104M $104.8M
4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter $13.8M $13.8M $78.3M
5. La La Land $12M $106.5M $223.5M
6. xXx: Return of Xander Cage $8.2M $33.4M $89M
7. Sing $6.2M $257.4M $463.7M
8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story $5.1M $520M $1,030M
9. Monster Trucks $4.1M $28.1M $47.5M
10. Gold $3.4M $3.4M $3.4M

The conclusion of the Resident Evil franchise didn’t quite live up to the standards set by the previous installments of the franchise, earning just $13.8 million in its opening weekend — the lowest premiere for any of the six films in the action-horror series. However, the movie’s worldwide gross of $78.3 million continued the franchise trend of each installment earning far more internationally than it does in U.S. theaters. It also pushed the six-film series close to the $1 billion mark collectively, further cementing its position as the most successful movie franchise based on a video game.

The only other new release to make it into the weekend’s top ten films was Matthew McConaughey’s Gold, which underperformed significantly with a $3.4 million premiere.

This upcoming week features a few noteworthy new releases, including the horror sequel Rings and the sci-fi drama The Space Between Us. Horror films have been enjoying a relatively successful run in theaters lately, so it will be interesting to see whether Rings can knock Split out of the top spot.

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