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Funny seeing you here: Comedian Sinbad tells us what’s caught his eye at CES

You never know who you’re going to run into on the CES showroom floor. People from all walks of life and all industries flock to see the latest and upcoming tech. This year, we ran into none other than stand-up comedian and actor Sinbad.

Sinbad may not be the first person the comes to mind when it comes to consumer technology, but the comedian has been attending CES for more than 20 years, and is an experienced tech connoisseur. When we caught up with him, we asked Sinbad what has caught his eye at CES 2018 so far.

We see plenty of conceptual technology at CES every year, and while it’s almost always impressive, it’s not uncommon for these pie-in-the-sky concept devices to never launch. Sinbad doesn’t fall for those false promises. “I learned to quit looking for the future TV, because it never comes out,” he says. “I got tired of looking at stuff and it never coming out.” Instead, Sinbad looks for technology that he can use soon, and how it can influence or benefit his work in the entertainment business.

The list of his favorites from this year include Huawei’s phone, which almost impressed him enough to give up his iPhone (if it ever comes out, that is), and Monster’s motorized floating speakers. Be sure to watch the interview for a full list of what caught his eye.

We also chatted about his history with CES, and consumer tech conventions in general. Sinbad, now 61, has been attending tech expo shows like CES, Macworld, and Comdex since he was in his 20s — but his experiences at CES these days are a bit different than they were back then.

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