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Elizabeth Banks fights for reproductive rights in Call Jane’s first trailer

When Call Jane premiered at Sundance earlier this year, Roe v. Wade was the law of the land and abortion access was still a protected right in America. But since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling, abortion rights are once again in question as several states have used the decision as political cover to crack down on the procedure.

Consequently, Call Jane is now more timely than the filmmakers would have preferred. As seen in the first trailer below, Call Jane takes place in 1968, before Roe made abortion a right. Unfortunately for a housewife named Joy, she needs an abortion to save her life. And it’s heart-wrenching to watch Jane’s doctors disregard her own well-being in favor of an unborn child that may never make it to term.

Call Jane | Official Trailer | In Theaters October 28

That’s where the Jane Collective comes in. This was a real organization that served as an underground railroad for women who needed access to abortion. Joy is so thankful and impressed by the Janes’ efforts that she decides to join them as well. However, that decision carries risks for every member of the Janes. Because at that point in time, their activities are illegal, and they could lose everything that they have if they get caught.

Elizabeth Banks in Call Jane.
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Elizabeth Banks stars in the film as Joy, with The Good House‘s Sigourney Weaver as Virginia, Kate Mara as Lana, Chris Messina as Will, Wunmi Mosaku as Gwen, Cory Michael Smith as Dean, Aida Turturro as Sister Mike, Grace Edwards as Charlotte, Bianca D’Ambrosio as Erin, John Magaro as Detective Chilmark, Bruce MacVittie as Director Richardson, Rebecca Henderson as Edie, Sean King as Officer White, and Alison Jaye as Sandra.

Call Jane was directed by Phyllis Nagy from a script by Haley Shore and Roshan Sethi. It will premiere in theaters on October 14.

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