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Trouble is brewing in Mexico in new trailer for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

If the new two and-a-half minute Fear the Walking Dead trailer is any indication, this spinoff series may finally be ready to give The Walking Dead a run for its money in the intensity department. Warning: spoiler alerts ahead.

Debuted Friday at Comic-Con in San Diego, the trailer is for the upcoming back half of the second season of the popular AMC show, and it appears to take a page from the latest seasons of The Walking Dead. We see screen time divided among the now-dispersed group members. When we left off at the halfway point of season two, Nick (Frank Dillane) was opting to be a lone wolf, Travis (Cliff Curtis) took off to be with his clearly troubled son(Lorenzo James Henrie), and Madison (Kim Dickens), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), and Victor (Colman Domingo) remained together to figure out their next steps.

It’s clear from the trailer that number one on Madison’s mind is finding Nick, while Nick is still walking among the dead, covered in blood, and figuring out how this life is any different from the one he lived prior. In one scene, he’s talking with a Mexican man who looks and sounds suspiciously like the presumed dead Daniel (Ruben Blades) – could this be a friend or relative of Daniel’s?

“Death is not to be feared,” the mysterious man warns Nick, “but shouldn’t be pursued.” It appears, though, that the apocalypse may actually be about something far different for Nick compared to everyone else: rebirth.

Meanwhile, several clips throughout suggest that things are pretty cutthroat in Mexico. We see one man sacrifice himself by walking into a sea of walkers, while a woman, who appears several times throughout the trailer as a potential leader, of sorts, pins a man up to a wall, then slashes his throat.

Producer Dave Alpert noted Friday at the show’s Comic-Con San Diego panel that he’s “excited to see the characters become battle-hardened warriors.”

That said, every good warrior must eventually meet his end. And judging from the intensity of the trailer, it’s setting the stage for at least one main character to bite the dust this season. Who do you think might become walker food?

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead resumes on AMC oat 9 p.m. EST on August 21.

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