Forget the Republican debates, House of Cards returns March 4

Cleverly taking advantage of the timing of the final 2015 Republican debate broadcast by CNN December 15, Netflix grabbed the opportunity to announce the start date House of Cards season four using a fictional campaign poster for Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood. Debuting on March 4, 2016, the campaign poster features a smiling Frank Underwood in front of the colors of the American flag with “Underwood 2016” printed at the top.

In addition to the campaign poster, Netflix also launched, a fictional campaign promotion site for the power-hungry character. Of course, the site includes a personal note from the character which reads “Progress. Forward momentum. Getting things done. These are my mottos. I have no patience for useless things – like political gridlock and stagnation. And neither should you. Join me. Let’s roll up our sleeves together. Let’s plow through the stubborn and small-minded and send Washington a message loud and clear.

Anyone that visits the site can create a custom “FU” poster, an amusing double entendre that could be used to troll real 2016 presidential candidates. The site also includes behind the scenes photos from the set of the show as well as a fictional commercial designed to promote Frank Underwood’s campaign as well as the start date of the new season. It’s likely that Netflix will debut a longer trailer for the fourth season of House of Cards later this month or in early January.

Few details have been released about the upcoming season. Previous news indicated that Neve Campbell (Party of Five, Scream) joined the cast for season four, but no details have been released on her role. Robin Wright’s role in the fourth season is somewhat up in the air as the cliffhanger at the end of season three separated the Underwoods, perhaps permanently.

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