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House of Cards brings Neve Campbell into the mix for Season 4

House of Cards gets a new series regular in Neve Campbell

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House of Cards fans will see a new series regular stepping in during Season 4. Neve Campbell, best-known for her turns in Scream and Party of Five, is on her way to DC and into the maw of one Frank Underwood, reports Deadline Hollywood.

The actress’ exact role is unknown at this time, but rumors of a rival power couple have been floating around the show. It’s possible that we may see her positioned as a younger, femme fatale foil to the Underwoods.  Speculation aside, Campbell has a flair for playing dark, edgy characters, a knack that should fit nicely into the stylized bleakness of the House of Cards universe.

Netflix has continued to make waves as of late, and the company owes much of its success to the show. The streaming service’s first big hit, House of Cards proved Netflix could produce great content itself and didn’t need to rely solely on deals with other providers.

When last we heard from the Underwoods, the couple’s rocky relationship was stressed to its breaking point and Frank was campaigning for a second presidential term. Perhaps Campbell will prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. More than likely, however, she’ll become one of the many characters steamrolled as the consummate politician bogarts through the beltway. The actress might be safer in the Scream universe than in the orbit of the ruthless, calculating Frank Underwood.

This role looks to be the meatiest for Campbell in quite some time, and a well-received stint on a hit show like House of Cards could help vault her into a new phase in her career.

Season 4 won’t air until some time in 2016, but when it does, you can bank on more high-stakes political machinations, more of Kevin Spacey soliloquizing, more icy stares from Robin Wright, and a bit of new blood thrown into the mix.

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