Fox releases 19-minute TV special Gotham: The Legend Reborn

fox releases 19 minute tv special gotham legend reborn

Gotham premieres in just a few weeks, and FOX has been priming audiences for its Batman-themed crime series with various trailers, clips, and behind-the-scenes featurettes over the last month. The latest sneak peek at the series is the most comprehensive thus far, and offers quite a bit of new footage that appears to extend far beyond the pilot episode.

Gotham: The Legend Reborn is a 19-minute special produced by FOX that features interviews with both the cast and creative team for the series, as well as some new scenes featuring key players on both sides of law and order in Gotham. The special is broken up into four video segments, with the first focusing on the premise of the series and the time period in DC Comics mythology when it’s set. The second segment, titled “A City On The Edge,” focuses on Gotham itself and the precipice the city currently rests on in the battle between crime and justice.

A third segment, “Behind the Shadows,” focuses on the criminals and other less-than-heroic characters that are shaping Gotham into a city in need of a vigilante. This segment features some new footage of all the major villains featured in the series, as well as the indication that an origin for Joker may in the works during the series, too.

The final segment, “Heroes & Villains,” focuses on the dynamic between Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the Gotham Police Department and the rogues gallery that’s turning the city into a criminals’ paradise.

You can watch all four segments below, and see the premiere episode of Gotham when it airs September 22 on FOX.