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You can watch Game of Thrones for free this Thanksgiving weekend

If you’ve been meaning to jump on to the Game of Thrones bandwagon for some time, but just never got around to it, or even if you want to watch the series all over again, this Thanksgiving weekend just might be the time to do it. HBO is providing existing and prospective fans with the opportunity to binge all seven seasons of the series to date after indulging in turkey, sweet potatoes, and all the fixings.

From November 21 through to Sunday, November 25, 2018, a “free preview event” of the network, which is home to the highly popular series, will be available, HBO confirmed in a Tweet from the official Game of Thrones account.

For those who don’t know, that’s a whopping total of 67 episodes of at least an hour each. That means you could watch ‘round the clock, from breakfast to dinner. Or simply park your butt down on the couch after a full Thanksgiving meal, and start the binge event during coffee and dessert. Stay up late, and you’ll at least get through a few seasons over the weekend. For those who have already begun watching and are a few seasons behind, this is the perfect chance to play catch-up before the eighth and final season commences in April 2019.  Who needs football, right?

The free preview event, available through several providers, including DirecTV and Xfinity, is a great way to get non-subscribers hooked over a lazy holiday weekend. Will this lead to an uptick in subscribers? Or perhaps just a whole new group of latecomers engaging in water-cooler talk about GoT at the office next week after having had their fill of turkey…and the Emmy Award-winning show about noble families fighting over lands of Westeros? We’ll see.

By the way, the free preview event isn’t just for GoT, though it’s arguably the most bingeable show on the network. You can also leverage the offer this weekend to check out series like Veep and Big Little Lies, if those are more up your alley. Virtually any series available through HBO plus Cinemax, is fair game. Happy binging, and turkey-eating!

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