Visit the Mos Eisley Cantina with vintage looks behind the scenes at Star Wars

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The excellent Raiders of the Lost Tumblr has unearthed a collection of models, set and character drawings, and production stills from the Mos Eisley cantina scene in Star Wars: Episode IV. The gallery is a fascinating look behind the scenes at one of the most seminal sequences in science fiction. (via Dangerous Minds)

The scene, which introduces Han Solo, is one of the most iconic pieces of sci-fi world-building in cinema, igniting imaginations for decades with its colorful array of shady aliens that set the tone for the Star Wars universe as a living, breathing place that extended beyond the camera’s frame.

star wars cantina
star wars cantina 2
star wars cantina 4
star wars cantina 3

As the geekosphere waits with bated breath to see if J. J. Abrams can return the franchise to its former glory, at least we have a near-endless trove of material from the original trilogy to mine for nostalgia and inspiration. Check out the full gallery here and re-confirm that Greedo shot first with the early rough cut of the scene below.

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