HBO to air documentary on Banksy’s NYC residency

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Mysterious artist Banksy generated no small amount of buzz in 2013 when he made New York City his home for the month of October and produced one piece of art at a random location around the city each day for 31 days. Now, HBO is producing a documentary about the elusive artist’s self-described “residency” in NYC.

Banksy Does New York will debut on HBO later this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter, through the HBO Documentary Films arm of the cable network. Directed by Chris Moukarbel (HBO’s Me @The Zoo, Sex//Now), the documentary will use crowd-sourced footage and news clips to reflect on both the artist’s projects over the course of the month and the city’s response to his work and its themes.

“I crowd-sourced footage that New Yorkers posted online each day of the month,” explained Moukarbel. “It was about a city holding a mirror back up to the artist.”

Banksy Does New York will premiere Monday, November 17, on HBO.

For anyone looking to relive Banksy’s NYC residency, feel free to peruse the “BanksyNY” Instagram account where the artist posted an  image of each day’s art throughout the month. There’s also the short video below, posted to the “BanksyFilm” YouTube account that may or may not be Banksy’s official account.

(Photo by Donald Bowers Photography /