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Jon Stewart kicks off retirement in bizarre fashion as WWE SummerSlam host

With The Daily Show behind him, Jon Stewart recently found a very different event to host. He brought his talent (and his new scruffy beard) to the WWE SummerSlam in New York City on Sunday, where he even got into the action himself. Clearly, he’s hitting retirement hard (yes, pun intended).

The WWE event, which took place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, featured multiple matchups, but it was the fight between Seth Rollins and John Cena that stood out. Not only were the two fighting for the World Heavyweight and U.S. Championship belts, Stewart found his way into the ring during the battle. By hitting Cena with a folding chair, he turned the tide of the fight, helping Rollins get the win over the reigning U.S. champion.

Stewart’s intervention was so huge that WWE shared a photo on Twitter that captured the surprising moment.

A video of the hit also made its way around the Internet after being tweeted Sunday.

Evidently, a good host like Stewart goes above and beyond their hosting duties, no matter the forum. Maybe the comedian had a little bit of pent-up aggression to get out of his system after dealing with politicians for so many years. As he told the audience, “Let me tell you the difference between politics and what you’re going to see tonight: The WWE performers you will see tonight, they respect their audience.”

As a bonus, Stewart got to bring along his son, Nate, to watch. If he’s trying to teach him that violence isn’t the answer, though, he may have to whip out the “do as I say, not as I do” line.

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