Justin Bieber gets egged for new Comedy Central Roast promo

justin bieber comedy central roast eggs gets egged

Love him or hate him, the latest promo for Justin Bieber’s forthcoming Comedy Central Roast has something for those at either end of the spectrum. Capturing Bieber in his signature shirtless attire, the promo plays on one of the pop star’s notorious run-ins with the law — specifically his charge of misdemeanor vandalism for egging his neighbor’s house — with a slow motion barrage of eggs to the chest.

The pop singer has had more than his fair share of “alleged” controversy in his 20 years on the planet — spitting at fans, drag racing a Lamborghini while drunk, writing in the registry at Ann Frank’s house that he hoped she’d have been a “Belieber” — making him ripe for a verbal beating. And for those of us who have seen what a witty veteran comic can do in these situations, it’s almost hard not to cringe a bit at the carnage that is sure to occur, even if he does deserve whatever is dished out.

We haven’t yet seen a full cast list for the Roast as of yet, but luckily for the Biebs, his good friend Kevin Hart (who knew, right?) will be Roast Master for the show. Hart’s comedy clout offers a slight chance the cast of characters that step up to the mic will be somewhat kept in check, but it’s probably not likely. The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber is slated to air March 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.