Mark Zuckerberg to appear on SNL, prove he has a sense of humor?

the social networkMark Zuckerberg and various other Facebook personnel have notoriously labeled The Social Network as a work of fiction. The infamous CEO has said aside from his wardrobe, the Oscar-nominated film bears little resemblance to the origins of the company. “Honestly, I wish that when people try to do journalism or write stuff about Facebook that they at least try to get it right. The movie is fiction,” Zuckerberg told The New York Times after seeing the movie. But it’s possible he might put any resentment aside in the name of Saturday Night Live.

The Social Network star and Oscar nominated actor Jesse Eisenerg (fun fact: Eisenberg has a cousin that works at Facebook), who portrayed Zuckerberg as a socially inept and morally confounded genius, will host SNL this weekend, and rumor has it that the real life Facebook CEO will make an appearance. According to Page Six of The New York Post, Zuckerberg wants to world to know he doesn’t take himself too seriously, despite any misgivings he harbors about the film. And hey, it is Oscar time, and even though Facebook insists the movie isn’t true, having film’s most prestigious award tied to your company isn’t the worst thing in the world.

We really hope this happens, but don’t get your hearts set on it. An insider told the Post that “They add and throw things out right up to broadcast, so nothing is guaranteed.”

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