‘Bigger is better’ in new Deadpool teaser hyping IMAX viewing experience

Deadpool has a very important public service announcement in the Marvel film’s latest teaser. Thanks to a very informative demonstration involving chimichangas, we now see the difference between the regular theater experience versus IMAX, at least from the perspective of the fictional anti-hero played by Ryan Reynolds. The Experience Me in IMAX teaser, released Tuesday, sends a not-at-all subtle message to fans, asserting that “bigger is better.”

The preview alludes to the anti-drug PSAs of years past, showing two chimichangas — one small, representing your brain, and one massive, showing “your brain on IMAX.” Not only is the regular chimichanga smaller, though, it’s plain to boot. The IMAX version, on the other hand, has what looks like sauce and cheese. Deadpool tops off his quick lesson with some of the action sequences you’ll be seeing in an even bigger format if you opt to see the superhero flick in an IMAX theater.

Deadpool is based on the Marvel Comics and centers on a snarky and unstable mercenary who was formerly a special forces operative. After undergoing an experiment to cure his cancer that disfigures him and alters his personality, he goes after the man responsible. The film is part of the X-Men franchise and the first to be headlined by the dark hero.

The lead-up to the release of Deadpool has been fun for fans, with Reynolds portraying his character in a variety of unique and creative ways. The actor posted an entertaining Halloween video, for example, showing Deadpool interacting with a group of costumed kids. He’s also been photographed doing everything from reading a Judy Blume book to lounging on a bearskin rug.

The movie also stars T.J. Miller, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, Morena Baccarin, and Ed Skrein, and is directed by Tim Miller. Deadpool hits theaters (including IMAX, of course) on February 12.

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