Iron Sky: The Coming Race features Nazis riding dinosaurs like they’re horses

Iron Sky: The Coming Race features Nazis riding dinosaurs like they're horses

Once you’ve staged an invasion of Earth by Nazis from the dark side of the moon, where do you go from there? Apparently, you go underground… and add some dinosaurs.

The surprisingly successful sci-fi shlock-fest Iron Sky became a viral hit in 2012 with its silly story of Nazis who fled the planet during World War II to live on the dark side of the moon, spawning a video game, comic book prequel, and board game. As one might expect, director Timo Vuorensola promised a sequel to the film, and that sequel is Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

While the first film featured an army of Nazis attacking the Earth from orbit, the teaser for Iron Sky: The Coming Race puts the greatest threat to humanity far underground. The official synopsis for the film sets up the action as follows:

20 years ago Earth was ruined in a nuclear apocalypse. What’s left of humanity is trapped on the Moon – which is now falling apart as well. Mankind’s only hope is to send a small team into the Center of the Earth to retrieve the mythical Holy Grail. All that stands in their way is an ancient race of reptilian humanoids and an army of dinosaurs. How hard could it be?

Yes, apparently the Sarah Palin-inspired U.S. President who instigated a nuclear war at the end of Iron Sky may not have had humanity’s best interests in mind. Also, there’s a race of reptilian humanoids who ride dinosaurs living underneath the Earth — and one of them is Adolf Hitler.

The film will feature the return of various cast members from the original film, as well as the addition of comedian Tom Green in an unspecified role. Even more noteworthy, however, is the involvement of award-winning VFX studio Pixomondo, which produced the dragons for HBO’s Game of Thrones and will likely have some involvement with the dinosaurs (and possibly the dinosaur-riding Nazis) in The Coming Race.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is targeting a 2016 release, and will probably arrive on streaming video and on-demand services.