Netflix sets its sights on indie film distribution, acquires rights to 3 more upcoming projects


Netflix hasn’t overlooked indie films as it expands into film distribution. Though the streaming service previously made headlines when it threw down serious cash for Brad Pitt’s War Machine, it has also been making plays in the indie game. Deadline reports that Netflix has been investing in new independent film projects and is keeping an eye out for more.

In its push to expand its presence in independent film distribution, Netflix acquired rights for three more upcoming feature films: an untitled electronic music project; Rebirth, a psychological thriller; and The Most Hated Woman In America. The projects will feature recognizable names, such as Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland, The Good Wife‘s Graham Phillips, Melissa Leo of The Fighter, and Pitch Perfect 2 producers Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks. The new acquisitions come after the company signed a four-movie deal with the Duplass brothers in January.

Working with independent filmmakers and producers, Netflix will distribute the finished products across its territories. Just how it will go about doing this, though, remains to be seen. Netflix recently made waves when it announced that several films it has set for release will be made available for streaming at the same time they open in theaters. Netflix hailed it as a way to offer “unprecedented choice” in a statement by Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, but the decision was not popular with major theater chains, considering that one of the films is the high-profile sequel to the Academy Award winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. According to Deadline, two upcoming flicks by the Duplass brothers will be released in theaters 30 days before being added to Netflix’s streaming service, so distribution may vary from film to film.