New clip from Dumb and Dumber To features surprise cameo you need to see for yourself

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Typically, when a movie features a clever cameo from a celebrity, the studio tries to keep it a secret until the surprise is inevitably revealed by critics or (if the studio is really good at keeping secrets) the audience. That’s not the case for the unexpected cameo in the Farrelly brothers’ Dumb and Dumber To, which was revealed via a studio-sanctioned clip from the film that was released this week — and there’s a good reason for the unusual decision.

While a cameo from Jennifer Lawrence was initially rumored for the film, the Hunger Games actress isn’t the surprise guest in Dumb and Dumber To. That honor goes to a certain actor who’s appeared in some of Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s earlier films, who now shows up in the new movie wearing a hazmat suit and gas mask, looking like he just stepped off the set of Breaking Bad.

You can watch the clip below (which debuted on Yahoo Movies) if you want to try and guess who it is on your own:

Did you recognize the voice or catch a glimpse of his face behind the mask?

The actor inside the hazmat suit is none other than Bill Murray, who appeared in both the Farrellys’ 1996 film Kingpin and the 2001 film Osmosis Jones. The studio released the clip early as it became apparent that Murray’s cameo was going unnoticed by preview audiences, and hey, why not share it with the world?

The sequel to 1994’s comedy hit Dumb and Dumber, the new film features Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprising their roles as naive buddies Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne, who reunite for a road trip to meet the child Harry didn’t know he had. The film hits theaters today (November 14), and also stars Rachel Melvin, Kathleen Turner, Brady Bluhm, Laurie Holden, Steve Tom, and Rob Riggle.