New SPECTRE video features first look at James Bond in action on mountaintop set

The cameras are rolling on SPECTRE, the upcoming 24th installment of the James Bond franchise, and a new video blog from the Austrian set of the film offers the first look at Daniel Craig in action high atop the mountain set of the film.

The James Bond franchise has a history of breathtaking set pieces, and the next film looks to continue that trend with the snowy mountaintop sequence teased in the video. Along with showcasing some of the impressive vistas that surround the set, the video features a few brief interviews with cast members Léa Seydoux and Dave Bautista, as well as a short, behind-the-scenes look at Craig’s super-spy taking down a few villains with ruthless efficiency.

“The thing that Sam and I talked about was how we are going to top Skyfall,” said Production Designer Dennis Gassner in the video. “It’s going to be SPECTRE and, so far, it’s a great start. I think that we are going to continue the history of the Bond films, making things that are exciting for the audience to look at and what could be more exciting than to be on top of the world?”

Directed by Sam Mendes, SPECTRE sets Bond on a mission to track down the sinister organization that threatens both his own agency and the world. But as any Bond fan knows, the roots of SPECTRE often go far deeper than anyone expects.

Along with Craig, Seydoux, and Bautista, the film also stars Ben Wishaw, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, Andrew Scott, and Rory Kinnear.

SPECTRE hits theaters November 6, 2015.