New trailer for Constantine hints at larger DC Comics universe with character cameo

new trailer constantine hints larger dc comics universe character cameo doctor fate

We got our first look at the upcoming Constantine television series a month ago, and now a new trailer for the series features a blink-and-you-miss-it moment that hints at the greater DC Comics universe.

While the latest preview offers up quite a bit of new footage, it also includes a visual call-out to another character from DC Comics’ stable of magic-wielding heroes: Doctor Fate. Right around the 0:48 mark in the trailer (embedded below) you can see Doctor Fate’s iconic, gold helmet make a cameo. 

Created in 1940 by writer Gardner Fox and artist Howard Sherman, Doctor Fate is one of DC Comics’ veteran sorcerers, and has existed in various iterations over the years, as his magical helmet — which allows him to harness the power of sorcerers that came before him — has passed from one character to another. He’s regarded as one of the more powerful magic-wielding heroes in the DC Comics universe, so the appearance of his helmet in Constantine has led to much speculation about the presence of a greater DC universe in the new series.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the character’s first appearance on television, though, as Doctor Fate briefly appeared in the Smallville series during one of the later seasons of the show.

Based on the Hellblazer comic book series, Constantine stars Matt Ryan as the titular John Constantine, an occult detective whose wit and knowledge of the dark arts gives him an edge against all manner of supernatural threats to humanity. The series follows Constantine’s return to fighting the good fight after a friend’s daughter gets caught up in a battle between demonic forces that’s being waged on Earth. 

The first episode of the series premieres October 24, 2014 on NBC.