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Jerrod Carmichael has a bad day in On the Count of Three

Jerrod Carmichael’s Val is having a very bad day in On the Count of Three, which is also the actor’s directorial debut. If Val had his way, his life would already be over. But instead, Val has to go on living for at least another 24 hours. And in a new preview scene from the film, Val discovers that his last hours on Earth might make him a fugitive from justice.

United Artists has passed along a very NSFW preview clip from On the Count of the Three. In this scene, Val has been injured and his best friend, Kevin (Christopher Abbott), is trying to get him first aid. Unfortunately for the duo, the convenience store clerk just can’t be bothered to help them in a timely fashion. So Kevin takes matters into his own hands, as some harsh words are exchanged and a real element of danger is brought into play.

ON THE COUNT OF THREE | Convenience Store Clip

Why do Kevin and Val have handguns if they didn’t intend to rob the store? It’s because a few hours earlier, they were plotting to shoot each other as part of a suicide pact. For reasons that aren’t immediately clear, Val and Kevin have decided that they would just rather end their lives on their own terms rather than experience another day on Earth. Their plan to kill each other might have worked if Kevin hadn’t suddenly decided that he wanted to experience the best day of his life before he committed to dying. And Val is more or less along for the ride, even if he’d rather be dead.

Jerrod Carmichael in On the Count of Three.

Tiffany Haddish also stars as Natasha, with Henry Winkler as Dr. Brenner, J. B. Smoove as Lyndell, Lavell Crawford as Donny, and Jared Abrahamson as Wyatt.

Ari Katcher and Ryan Welch wrote the script, which Carmichael brought to the big screen. On the Count of Three will hit select theaters and get a digital release on Friday, May 13.

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