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New Pam & Tommy trailer depicts couple’s whirlwind love story, sex tape fallout

Is the ballad of Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee “the greatest love story ever sold”? That’s the premise of Hulu‘s latest trailer for Pam & Tommy, which features Lily James and Sebastian Stan in the title roles. Within the clip, Pamela fondly recalls what attracted her to Tommy. However, these memories are being shared during a deposition, and it may be for the event that derailed their lives.

The real Anderson and Lee met and married in 1995, all within the same week. To celebrate their new union, they made a sex tape together that was later stolen. Once that tape got out, everything changed for them. In the official trailer released today, Tommy is unable to understand why Pamela believes that the video’s release into the wild is worse for her. There’s also an extremely uncomfortable moment where Pamela discovers the crew of Baywatch is checking out the tape while she is on set.

Pam & Tommy Official Trailer | Hulu

The trailer also shows the other part of the story, which is how the tape was stolen and how it got out. A man named Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen) broke into the newlywed couple’s home and made off with a huge safe. Almost by accident, Rand and Uncle Miltie (Nick Offerman) discovered the tape. More importantly, the criminal duo comes up with an inventive way to make money from their ill-gotten video. During the earliest days of the internet, they realize that they can sell it online. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that it can still lead back to them.

Sebastian Stan and Lily James in Pam & Tommy.

While the sex tape looms large over Pam & Tommy, it’s not the sum total of their tale. The upcoming miniseries will explore how they met, fell in love, and ultimately separated from each other. It also has to be noted that James and Stan look remarkably like the real people that they are portraying.

The eight-episode miniseries will also feature Taylor Schilling as Erica Gauthier, with Pepi Sonuga as Melanie, Andrew Dice Clay as Butchie, Spenser Granese as Steve Fasanella, Mozhan Marnò as Gail Chwatsky, Fred Hechinger as Seth Warshavsky, and Mike Seely as Hugh Hefner.

Pam & Tommy will premiere on Hulu on Wednesday, February 2.

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