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Hulu’s Pam and Tommy trailer teases the story behind the sex tape

Next year, Hulu‘s Pam & Tommy miniseries will explore the story of the mega couple of the ’90s: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The first trailer for the miniseries puts the story behind the couple’s infamous sex tape in the spotlight.

The footage in question was recorded by Anderson and Lee during their honeymoon, and it was stolen by a man named Rand Gauthier. Seth Rogen plays Gauthier in the miniseries, and the trailer depicts the moment that he and Uncle Miltie (Nick Offerman) discovered what they had.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan are headlining the miniseries as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, respectively. The trailer goes a long way toward humanizing these two celebrities, especially when they react to the sex tape’s unexpected release. Although Lee argues that he has been exposed and humiliated just as much as his wife, Anderson insists that she’s likely to be affected to a far greater degree by the tape’s release.

Pam & Tommy Teaser | Hulu

Anderson and Lee’s relationship began in 1995, and they were wed only four days after meeting each other. Three years later, their love story was over. But within that timeframe, there’s a lot more to explore than just the fallout from the sex tape. The miniseries will dramatize their story, and fill in some of the gaps, James and Stan have also undergone surprisingly effective physical transformations for their respective parts.

Taylor Schilling also co-stars in the miniseries as Erica Gauthier, with Pepi Sonuga as Melanie, Andrew Dice Clay as Butchie, Spenser Granese as Steve Fasanella, Mozhan Marnò as Gail Chwatsky, Fred Hechinger as Seth Warshavsky, and Mike Seely as Hugh Hefner.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan in Pam & Tommy.

Rogen and his production partner, Evan Goldberg, developed the miniseries for Hulu. Robert Siegel wrote the series, while Craig Gillespie directed the first episode.

Pam & Tommy will be an eight-episode miniseries, with the first three episodes scheduled to premiere February 2, 2022, on Hulu. The remaining five episodes will be released weekly thereafter.

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