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It Ends with Us trailer teases Blake Lively’s complicated love story

Blake Lively stares with a confused look on her face.
Sony Pictures Releasing

Blake Lively is caught between two lovers in Sony Pictures’ first trailer for It Ends with Us, the upcoming romantic drama based on the bestselling novel by Colleen Hoover.

Set to Taylor Swift’s My Tears Ricochet, the It Ends with Us trailer features Lively as Lily Bloom, a young woman who moves to Boston to start her own business. It’s here she meets Ryle Kincaid (Justin Baldoni), a handsome neurosurgeon who develops a romance with Lily. As she spends more time with Ryle, Lily sees a darker side, one that triggers traumatic memories from her past. “When Lily’s first love, Atlas Corrigan (Brandon Sklenar), suddenly reenters her life, her relationship with Ryle is upended, and Lily realizes she must learn to rely on her own strength to make an impossible choice for her future,” Sony’s synopsis reads.

Watch the official trailer below.

IT ENDS WITH US - Official Trailer (HD)

It Ends with Us is directed by Baldoni, who helms his first film since 2020’s Clouds. Christy Hall, best known for her work on Daddio, penned the script. The ensemble cast features Jenny Slate, Hasan Minhaj, and Amy Morton.

Released in 2016 by Hoover, It Ends with Us quickly shot up the bestseller list. In 2023, It Ends with Us finished first on the bestselling fiction list with over 1.2 million copies sold. The sequel, 2022’s It Starts with Us, finished second, while Hoover’s other novel, Verity, finished ninth.

It Ends with Us was originally slated for a theatrical release on February 9, 2024. However, production was shut down in 2023 due to the Hollywood labor strikes. After moving to a June 2024 release, Sony pushed the film back to its current date of August 9, 2024.

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