The next Paranormal Activity gets an official release date and title

paranormal activity 5 gets official release date title

The Paranormal Activity franchise has done pretty well for itself after an impressive debut in 2009 that made the first Paranormal Activity one of the most successful films ever made (earning more than $193 million on a $15,000 budget). Sequels to the found-footage horror story were inevitable, and the four subsequent installments have all had modest success at the box office, including this year’s spinoff film Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. Fans of the franchise won’t have long to wait for the next chapter, either, as the next Paranormal Activity now has an official title and release date.

As reported by The Wrap, the sixth film in the franchise will be titled Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, and it will hit theaters March 13, 2015.

Plot details are scarce at this point, but it’s worth noting that the franchise seems to have officially dropped the numerical titles for the foreseeable future. And now that The Marked Ones has tinkered with the series’ continuity, there’s no telling where the next film could take the evolving story of demonic possession and a sinister witches’ coven that has been established over the five previous films.

Actress  Katie Featherston, who has appeared in all of the Paranormal Activity movies so far, is expected to reprise her role in The Ghost Dimension.

Gregory Plotkin, the editor on the last four Paranormal Activity movies, will direct the film, based on a script by Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark.

In another interesting bit of trend-changing, The Ghost Dimension will also follow suit with The Marked Ones and premiere early in the year instead of in October, ahead of Halloween. The Marked Ones was the first Paranormal Activity movie not to hit theaters in October.