Three actors join Powers TV series for PlayStation Network

sharlto copley cast lead powers tv series playstation network comic

Things seem to be moving along quickly for the live-action Powers series based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s celebrated comic book, with a director named last week and now three actors joining the cast of the upcoming PlayStation Network program.

According to Deadline, actress Susan Heyward (The Following) has been cast as the series’ female lead, Detective Deena Pilgrim. She’ll be joined in the cast by The Killing actor Max Fowler and Breaking Bad actor Adam Godley.

In the Powers comic series, Deena Pilgrim is a tough-as-nails detective who investigates crimes involving superhuman powers with the help of her partner, Det. Christian Walker. (Walker has yet to be cast in the series.)

Fowler will reportedly play Krispin Stockley, the son of Walker’s previous partner, who was murdered by a super-powered killer. He’s described as “a disaffected teen still struggling with the death of his father at the hand of a rogue Power which starts him on a dark journey that will warp him both physically and emotionally.” Godley will play Deena and Christian’s boss, Captain Cross, the captain of the “Powers” division. The character is “solid steel in a frail frame” and “bookish, respectful and loyal but may harbor a secret agenda that could lead his beloved department into a full-fledged conspiracy.”

Expected to premiere in December on PlayStation Network, Powers is a joint production of PSN and Sony Television, with the first two episodes directed by David Slade (30 Days of Night).