RoboCop is a terrible pitcher, and should stick to his day job

RoboCop 2014 oped main

Much of yesterday’s RoboCop Day festivities in Detroit — meant to honor the cyborg peace officer with the unveiling of a successfully Kickstarted bronze statue — were cancelled, but someone claiming to be RoboCop did show up at Comerica Park to throw out the first pitch before the evening’s Tigers game. And you know what? He’s a terrible pitcher.

As you can see in the video below, the so-called RoboCop throws with no pep whatsoever. He barely reached home plate! Just look at that video and see for yourself!

We suspect shenanigans here, especially since this apparent Faux-boCop arrived wearing a costume modeled after the 2014 remake. That’s no way to honor a national treasure like the one portrayed by Peter Weller in Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi classic from 1987.

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