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Star Wars: Episode VII’s scruffy-looking nerf herder revealed!

star wars episode viis scruffy looking nerf herder revealed harrison ford han solo
Stormtrooper shmormtrooper. Who cares about the Empire’s legion of white-armored soldiers that don’t know how to shoot straight when you’ve got this opportunity to see what a bona fide hero of the Rebel Alliance looks like?

Purportedly leaked concept art of Han Solo, shared once again by Stormtrooper leaker Indie Revolver, gives Star Wars fans a glimpse of what Harrison Ford’s aging general (or perhaps ex-general?) is looking like during the events of Star Wars: Episode VII, director J.J. Abrams upcoming Return of the Jedi sequel, due for release in December 2015.

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Take a look:

That’s certainly a familiar mug, eh? The pic on the right looks like Han by way of Firefly, which is pretty much the best. And the pic on the left looks like an older Han wearing a very similar parka to the one he wore in Empire Strikes Back.

Abrams and company had to know that a mega-leak would happen at some point, and it looks like the infodump has begun. What do you think of what you’re seeing here?

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